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Do you remember the last time you started thinking about how to improve your business? It isn't always easy to know how to proceed, especially when you are up against things like timelines and big decisions. I wanted to create a culture of understanding at work, so I started talking with different coworkers about what we could do better. They really helped me to understand where we needed to go, and so I made changes that helped the business I work for to succeed. This website is all about understanding the needs of a growing business, even if you aren't an expert.


Why Get A Baby Sleep Consultant?

28 November 2018
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One of the biggest challenges new parents face is learning how to get their little one to go to sleep every night. Some babies cry all night long, require sleeping with their parents in order to fall asleep, have irregular sleeping patterns, or take a long time to fall asleep. If this is your situation, you are at your wit's end. After all, not only are you trying to get used to having a baby in the home, but you're trying to learn how to care for your baby while getting very little sleep as well. Read More …

Failing Your Math Class? How A Tutor Can Help

17 July 2018
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No matter how smart you might happen to be, there is often an Achilles heel in your learning efforts that seems to stump you every time. If math is the subject that gives you a lot of trouble, it's very easy to develop a bit of a complex around it. If this sounds like you, you're not alone. As many as four in ten Americans actually say that they hate math! Read More …

How Fake News Can Impact Your SEO

13 April 2018
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SEO optimization is a life-long learning process. Search engines like Google are always looking for ways to optimize their search results. But there are several interesting events in 2017 that will impact SEO forever. As a business owner looking for ways to increase search traffic, you must be aware of these issues and ways that cafe SEO services can help you. Autocomplete Google has had pressure placed on it over the issue of fake news and over search engine suggestions that are considered offensive. Read More …

Getting Out Of A Building In Case Of A Fire

6 April 2018
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When we were kids, we all practiced how to get out of the school if there was a fire. If you were lucky, it was just an exercise that you never really used but getting people out of a burning structure is a very serious business. There are a few different technologies that come into play and make it easier but you must be familiar with where to go and the best exit to use if your building was to catch fire. Read More …

3 Tips For Developing A Competitive Compensation Package

22 March 2018
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The compensation package you offer is the feature of your business that will attract better talent and retain good employees. When you are developing a compensation package, there are several strategies to remain competitive with similar companies. 1. Emphasize Retention When developing compensation packages, most of the emphasis is placed on attracting the best new employees, but more of your efforts should focus on employee retention. If not, you can attract the most talented employees that will only look elsewhere for work within the next few years or less. Read More …