Placement Services Could Find The Brand-Boosting Executive A Company Needs

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Placement Services Could Find The Brand-Boosting Executive A Company Needs

27 March 2019
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Finding a near-perfect executive to fill a high-level position remains a challenge for many big companies. Turning to an executive placement service makes more sense than struggling to find the right candidate. The struggles could become more difficult than initially expected when seeking unique qualifications. The appropriate experience and education might not be all the employer wants. Perhaps the employer wants to hire a new executive capable of adding a positive image to the company's brand. Reliable executive placement services likely know how to find the person who fits this desirable mold.

Companies Deal with Bad Press

Even the most well-run and ethical company may find itself dealing with a scandal. Data breaches and hacker-induced leaks of private information might not be the fault of a company, but the company's brand suffers nonetheless. The board of directors must take many steps to repair a company's standing in the public's eye. Hiring an executive who might deliver good press would be one step. Finding the vaunted executive becomes an executive search firms task. The firm could do the following:

  • Check the Background for a Problem-Solving History: Hiring an executive who implemented solutions to troubles at a previous company tells a tale. The new employer likely wants this person to solve their problems. Most importantly, the new executive's background reveals a track record for getting things done. The public may assume the company plans on fixing any past problems and will do so immediately.
  • Seek Out a Charitable Executive: Executives aren't always all business. Some put considerable effort into charitable and social awareness causes. Bringing such an executive into the fold adds a "shine" to the new employer. Recruiting someone who once established an internship for underprivileged students speaks positively about a company provided the enterprise allows the executive to continue his/her corporate giving endeavors.
  • Find Someone the Public Loves: Not every executive wishes to remain locked away inside an office. Some enjoy spending time in the public eye by giving speeches, attending community events, or even producing an educational YouTube channel. An executive who presents him/herself well to the public could be a fantastic asset. The company might gain "loved by association" from an executive beloved by the public.

Locating a talented executive with all these additional positives in his/her background won't be easy. Leaving the work to an executive placement firm, such as SCC Williamsburg, makes sense. The firm likely has the personnel and resources to conduct such a broad-based search.