4 Ways To Add Value To Your Newsletters For Healthcare Organization Members

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4 Ways To Add Value To Your Newsletters For Healthcare Organization Members

15 March 2018
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Do you own or run a healthcare organization? Monthly newsletters, whether you send them out in print or via email, are a great way to communicate with your members. But how do you ensure these newsletters add value to the lives of your members? Here are four ways to make your newsletters more useful and valuable.

1. Include correspondence from members

When you have a member send a letter to your organization, set it aside. When it comes time to write the newsletter, sit down and go through these letters, and pick a couple of them to publish. Contact the member who sent the letter and ask their permission to publish it first. They may want you to remove certain segments or sections of the letter before publishing it. Publishing letters that other members have sent help your members stay informed as to what one another is thinking. It also shows that you are willing to listen to your members' views and take them into account.

2. Include a list of links

You can only include so much information in your newsletter itself. To keep your members more informed, include a list of links to great articles at the bottom of each newsletter. These can be articles that members have published or ones that are relevant to questions your members have asked recently. Not everyone will click through and read the linked articles, but your members who have a real thirst for extra knowledge will be satisfied.

3. Start with a bulleted list

Some of your members will be in a hurry when they open your newsletter. A great way to add value for these people is to begin your newsletter with a bullet point list of the highlights. Include the big changes that have happened in your organization, and make a bullet for each article or bigger idea published later on in the newsletter. Even if members don't come back to read more of the newsletter, later on, they will have gotten the highlights.

4. Choose a theme for each issue

A good way to ensure your newsletter stays targeted and informational is to pick a theme each month. After you've included organizational news, focus on the news in one field of health. For example, in September, you can highlight information on breast cancer and mastectomies. Later on in October, you can focus on news about headaches and migraines. 

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